Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Up continued...

I found out that Disney Hollywood Studios theme park in Walt Disney World has a display on "Up" a little while ago from this website.

They have some pictures of some of the storyboards I got to do on the movie. The sequence was mostly done by Tony Rosenast and was written by Bob Peterson and Pete Docter, but I got to help out in a few spots. I did the part shown where Ellie pins the bottle cap on to Carl, as well as a couple other things in the sequence that aren't shown in the photo, and I don't want to give anything away.

My boards start with the shot of Ellie looking down in the second row from the top, and continue all the way into the fourth row, where Tony takes over again at the final board in the row with the funny drawing of Ellie leaning in and smiling with her crazy hair.

Seeing the final film at the wrap party a few weeks ago was great. I think this sequence turned out well and is especially charming. The animators did a beautiful job bringing the kids to life.

Special thanks to Mr. Ronnie Del Carmen for his leadership and guidance of the story crew through making the film.