Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Boxer Life Drawings

We had a model dressed as a boxer in the gesture drawing class at work the other day. Here's a few drawings I did of him, most of them are one to two minute poses.

The goal here was just trying to draw with a lot more simplicity. I used a ball point pen so that I couldn't erase any lines. I have a tendency to really over work stuff and fuss with the shapes and forms too much, so here I was just trying to draw with some simpler shapes and do it with as much economy of line as I could. Hopefully the character comes through and the pose reads clearly. I realize the drawings could be pushed a lot more, but I felt like I made some degree of progess with these.

As for those finished pieces I promised in earlier posts, I've been trying to work on some things, but they just weren't turning out well. It's been damn' frustrating, I seem to be incapable of finishing a single drawing these days, let alone doing a painting in the computer...

I'll try to post more when I can.


Khylov said...

Top right and top left stand out for me, esp. top left. Nice action pose without being overly posed, y'know.

Good to see you posting again. Don't worry about overly finished stuff, just sketch away and show them works in progress. You got a gang of people salivating to see your works here - so best feed them folks.

Justin Hunt said...

Thanks for the encouraging words Kyle.

I've been studying french comic artists lately, so I think that helped loosen me up on the ones that you're responding too. As for those bottom ones, I realize I started noodling and stiffening up again.

Oh well, this blog is about progress...just have to keep moving forward.

Munchanka said...

Kick ass, my friend! It's always cool to see the progress of a drawing, so even if you don't have finished work, roughs are always inspiring. Hope you're LAing it up down there--earl grey, hot!

Josh Cooley said...

nice, homes!

We're missing you up here!

One egg per bird.

Justin Hunt said...

Thanks guys.

I've noticed I have a tendency to post about once a month. I'll try to put something new up this month, but I just got launched on a pretty hefty sequence here at work so I'll be pretty darn busy with that. I'm having fun though. Working rougher, and moving through things a bit faster than I used to.

I miss you guys too, but I'm also really stoked to be back here in the City of Angels. What can I say? I'm a glutton for smog and traffic. Come down and visit sometime!

nick sung said...

Damn Justin! Solid! These are really nice. I'm in that same boat of wanting to move forward with my drawings and not noodle as much... I started using pen a bunch too.

it's a... it's a baby!
hope the sequence is going well!

RAWLS said...

Hey Justin.. really nice sketches my friend! Great work!!

R.Dress said...

These are so good!

Gatsby said...

You're not too bad. You should post more often.

Justin Hunt said...

Nick, Rawls, R.Dress, Gatsby--

Thank you all for the comments. It means a lot coming from all of you. You guys are doing some really beautiful stuff.

I wish I could check out more people's blogs more often and make some comments, but the time to do that has been very hard to find lately. I've just been swamped with work.

Thanks again.

Saskia said...

I´m pretty amazed by your lively linework... and kind of glad that i don´t seem to be the only one who has problems with finishing more complex drawings/paintings T_T
Anyways, i would be happy to see more from you :)

Bob said...

These are amazing!