Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sansho the Bailiff

One of my New Year's resolutions this year is to watch a lot more movies. Out of the twelve films I've watched since the holiday break, one of them just really blew me away.

"Sansho the Bailiff " directed by Kenji Mizoguchi.

What an amazing film.

I never really intended on making a lot of posts about movies on my blog , but this film was just too good not to mention.
I hope everyone gets a chance to see it.

Here's a great quote about the film from Wikipedia:

"The New Yorker film critic Anthony Lane wrote in his September, 2006 profile on Mizoguchi, "I have seen Sansho only once, a decade ago, emerging from the cinema a broken man but calm in my conviction that I had never seen anything better; I have not dared watch it again, reluctant to ruin the spell, but also because the human heart was not designed to weather such an ordeal.""