Monday, May 24, 2010

Do the Roar!

Well another film I worked on at DreamWorks just came out this past weekend "Shrek Forever After". It was a fun crew to be a part of. I came on to the movie in the final eight months or so of the production and the story crew I worked with was much smaller this time around.

Anthony Zeirhut, Maggie Kang, Joel Crawford, Ryan Crego, and our head of story Walt Dohrn, who voiced our fantastic villain Rumpelstiltskin, were all great folks to work with in story. Mike Mitchell, our director was awesome, as well as the production staff including Gina Shay, Suvi Booth, Mary Quinn, Bonnie Ann Robinson, and Daniel Inkeles. Again I've attached links to everyone where possible. Congratulations to everyone who worked on the final chapter, it was cool to work with such a nice crew.